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  • Product name: Unit conversion of mesh count and mm
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  • Shelves time: 2015-07-30
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chilli powder or chilli crushed:Unit conversion of mesh count and mm


2mesh=8mm                                3mesh=6.7mm                                    4mesh=4.75mm
5mesh=4mm                                6mesh=3.35mm                                  7mesh=2.8mm
8mesh=2.36mm                          10mesh=1.7mm                                   12mesh=1.4mm
14mesh=1.18mm                        16mesh=1mm                                      18mesh=0.88mm
20mesh=0.83mm                        24mesh=0.7mm                                   28mesh=0.6mm
30mesh=0.55mm                         32mesh=0.5mm                                  35mesh=0.425mm
40mesh=0.38mm                         42mesh=0.355mm                              45mesh=0.325mm
48mesh=0.3mm                           50mesh=0.27mm                                60mesh=0.25mm
65mesh=0.23mm                         70mesh=0.212mm                              80mesh=0.18mm
90mesh=0.16mm                         100mesh=0.15mm                              115mesh=0.125mm
120mesh=0.12mm                       125mesh=0.115mm                            130mesh=0.113mm
140mesh=0.109mm                     150mesh=0.106mm                            160mesh=0.096mm
170mesh=0.09mm                       175mesh=0.086mm                            180mesh=0.08mm
200mesh=0.075mm                     230mesh=0.062mm                            240mesh=0.061mm
250mesh=0.058mm                     270mesh=0.053mm                            300mesh=0.048mm
325mesh=0.045mm                     400mesh=0.038mm                            500mesh=0.025mm
600mesh=0.023mm                     800mesh=0.018mm                            1000mesh=0.013mm
1340mesh=0.010mm                   2000mesh=0.0065mm                        5000mesh=0.0026mm
8000mesh=0.0016mm                 10000mesh=0.0013mm